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Australia’s top Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) experts have joined force to create Aussie FIRE: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Independence for Australians.

This eBook draws on the first-hand experience of 20 of Australia's top FIRE experts and provides a framework to achieve Financial Independence that anyone can follow.

It covers all the knowledge, processes and tools you need to succeed on your journey - from taking your first step to becoming FIRE'd!

Here are the 5 key steps of the FIRE journey that this eBook guides you through:

  • Preparing your FIREplace (laying the foundations)
  • Stacking your FIRE (building up savings)
  • Sparking your FIRE (building up investments)
  • Stoking your FIRE (optimising investments)
  • Getting FIRE'd (lifestyle pre- & post- FIRE) 

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If you're new to FIRE, retiring at 40 (or even 30) might sound too good to be true. But the numbers check out, and the methods work. Aussie FIRE shows you how.

Dave Gow

Strong Money Australia


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Dave Gow

Strong Money Australia


Aussie Firebug



Serina Bird

The Joyful Frugalista


Frugality and Freedom

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