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Pearler is Australia's first investing platform that enables you to automatically invest in listed assets.

Simply set your investment amount and investing frequency and then choose whether you'd like to invest in a specific asset or in the asset furthest from its target percentage in your target portfolio.

When the date arrives, we direct debit the nominated investment amount from your connected bank account and invest it however you've told us to.

All ASX-listed assets. NASDAQ- & NYSE-listed assets coming in October.

Simple pricing for both AU & US shares: $9.50 brokerage for transactions up to $17,500 and 0.055% thereafter.

Pearler shares are CHESS-sponsored, which means you own them directly and they are not held held or managed by pearler. Check here for more details.
Pearler operates a Client Trust Account, which means your cash remains yours.  Check here for more details.

No. Public profiles are invite-only. Of course, everyone can connect with their friends.

Comparing decisions helps us make better ones. Think about a decision you made today - whether it be opening a new bank account or dining at a new restaurant, we constantly use comparison to make better-informed decisions.

But when it comes to investing, we don't talk enough. Over 84% of Australians want to invest, but only 19% invest confidently. The data shows though, that 38% of confident investors talk about their investments with their friends and family (ASX data). We think that this is the key and by giving all investors a platform to share what they do with their money, we can make a generation of confident investors.

It could be if investors don't understand what is and what is not suitable for them.

For private profiles, we're relying on friends who connect with each other to provide that context for each other, whether on their profiles, or over a coffee - having conversations about money is what we're about! For public profiles, we make sure the context is provided or readily available online.

We help you calculate your FI-date and invest to achieve it, all within our broking platform.

Fill in your details and monthly investment amount and we will help you estimate your FI-date. Or, if you'd rather know how much you need to invest to achieve your target FI-date, we will help you estimate the monthly investment amount you need to achieve your goal.

Then, simply setup autoinvest and let Pearler do the rest.

Our partners are best-in-class software providers. They include Sharesight for reporting, OpenMarkets for brokerage and Macquarie Bank for banking.

As you might've realised, we don't like brokerage fees. They're old and outdated. Unfortunately though, transactions in Australia are more expensive than other parts of the world (thanks to the ASX and CHESS), so brokerage costs are substantial and we have to cover our costs, but we don't plan on making money this way.

We believe we can make a premium service for long-term investors that is worth paying for, ontop of an awesome free/pay-as-you-go tier. We aspire to make investing accessible, affordable and simple, just like Spotify has done for music and Canva has done for design.

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