FI resources for Australians

Aussie FI Tools

Carefully curated calculators, guides and other tools to help you out on your FI journey.

Tool Creator Great for
Aussie FI Calculator #1 Aussie Firebug Calculating your FI-date quickly and understanding how Super affects it.
Aussie FI Calculator #2 Ordinary Dollar Calculating your FI-date and understanding cash flows in detail.
Nomad FI Calculator Nomad List Working out if your next OS holiday can be permanent...
Safe Withdrawal Rate Calculator Ordinary Dollar Calculating the income you can withdraw safely in retirement.
Investment Frequency Calculator Pearler Optimising how often you should invest (i.e. dollar-cost average) to maximise your returns.
Franking Credits Calculator Pearler Working out how much your franking credits are worth.
Financial Freedom Calculator Pearler Calculating how many days of freedom you've saved!

Aussie FI Blogs

FI journeys of people just like you. Let their stories guide, motivate and inspire your own.

Blog FI progress Who they are
Buy Hold Long 7% Caleb is a late-20s civil engineer from rural South Australia. He is a value-investor and aims to FIRE before 50.
All About Balance (profile) 10% Miss B is in her early-30s, working two jobs in Sydney. Her key goals are health, wealth, and relationships; she isn't in a rush to get to FIRE.
Ordinary Dollar 16% Dan has a background in Finance and makes some awesome FI calculators. He plans to FatFIRE by 2033.
The Frugal Samurai (profile) 25% Victor is a millennial who lives in Sydney and works a white-collar job. He recently achieved $1m in net assets before 30 and is aiming for FatFire ($6m) before 50.
Keepin' It Frugal 37% Sarah and Laura are 'wifeys for lifey' in their early 30's from South Australia. Their food blog and growing dividends will help them SideFIRE within 5 years.
Life Long Shuffle 38% Pat is 33-year-old old engineer, who lives with his partner in Sydney. He is working to buy his freedom before 40.
Aussie HIFIRE (profile) 40% Aussie HIFIRE is a happily married dad-of-two from Victoria in his 40s. He works in finance and plans to HIFIRE (FatFIRE) in his 50s.
Frugality and Freedom 45% Michelle is in her mid-30s and works in the arts in NZ. She's originally from Adelaide, loves to travel and SemiFIRE'd at 33. She plans to be Financially Independent by 45.
His Her Money Guide (profile) 56% Alex and Ellie are in their 30s, married, and work white-collar jobs in Brisbane. They plan to retire in luxury (FatFIRE) in their mid-40s.
A Family on FIRE (profile) 62% Ms FireMum and her hubby are mid-30s and live in Melbourne with their toddler. They work white-collar jobs and plan to FIRE by 50.
ETF Bloke (profile) 67% ETF Bloke is an Australian Expat who firmly believes that investing in ETFs is one of the few ways that your average Aussie bloke can become Financially Independent and Retire Early.
Money Flamingo 70% Tina and her hubby are in their 30s, have one child and live in Sydney. They work white-collar jobs and plan to semi-retire before they turn 40 (FlamingoFI / SemiFIRE).
Aussie Firebug (profile) 70% Matt and his partner are in the middle of their working holiday Euro trip. They currently live in London and aim to FIRE by 35.
FI Explorer (profile) 82% The FI Explorer is in his 40s and works a white-collar job. His is the go-to blog for investing theory and he has ~3 years until FatFIRE.
Value Investing for a Living 90% Steve is in his 40s and lives between Melbourne and SE Asia with his partner and son. He has value investing for over 20 years.
Strong Money Australia (profile) 100% Dave is a 30-year-old, FIRE'd blue-collar worker who lives with his partner in Perth. He reached Financial Independence at 28.

If you're an Aussie FI Blogger and you'd like to be included on this list, or you'd like us to update your FI progress, please let us know by sending an email to


Aussie FI Communities

Places you can connect and share with like-minded Aussies who are also on their FI journey.

Community # Members Great for
FIAustralia 28,500ish Anonymous advice and/or feedback to help with your FI journey.
Financial Independence & Early Retirement Australia 3,100ish Sharing stories and tips. An intro-level group.
Mustachians Australia 2,000ish All things MMM but with an Aussie flavour - frugality + investing.
Aussie FIRE Discussion Group 1,500ish Getting advice from the community inc. FI experts like Aussie Firebug (who recently created the group).
ChooseFI Australia 1,500ish Improving your FI strategies. An advanced FI group.
Local ChooseFI Group (Syd/Mel/others - search here) Varies! Talking to people in-person about FI through local FI meetups and events.