Playing With Fire Sydney


On the 14th of August we screened the Australian premiere of Playing With Fire in Sydney.

290 people attended, making it Australia's largest FI community event so far and the largest PWF screening outside of the US. It was a really special night. 

After the film, Kurt sat down with Film Director Travis Shakespeare, Dave from Strong Money Australia, Pat from Life Long Shuffle, Miss Balance from All About Balance and Serina from The Joyful Frugalista to chat about the documentary, the FI community and what it's like to be an FI-er in Australia.

You can watch the 'FIREside chat' below. We've split up the discussion into 29 bite-sized clips to make it easier to view and share each topic we covered. For the dedicated, the full-length recording is at the bottom of this playlist too.

We're looking to do FI events around Australia, so if you'd like to help host a screening or other FI event in your area, we are only an email away! You can reach us at

Insights from our Community.

We asked everyone who bought tickets to PWF Sydney 6 questions about their FI journey so far. About 30% of the audience took the time to reply, which was amazing. We'd like to say a massive thank you to each of you who did.

The data tells quite the story. Freedom and lifestyle are what compels us the most. Perseverance and societal norms are what challenges us the most. We are typically in the early stages of our journey, are far more comfortable talking about money than mainstream society and learned about FI online. Our biggest tip for those thinking about FI is to just start.

Overall, these insights really reaffirm our belief that, together, we can erase the money taboo.

What's your favourite things about FI
What is the most diffucult part of FI
How far along yours FI journey are you
Do you talk about FI with your friends and family
How did you learn about FI
What would your on e tip be if you were to start your FI journey today

Where the money went.

Transparency is really important to us, so we've put together a few images that summarise the proceeds we received and how they were spent.

Money In
Money Out
Spend Breakdown